Loonies in the Dugout

images-2About the author: “A loony writer viewing the loonies of the human race…Besides loving movies, I also love baseball, so I began a Seattle Mariners blog,, the writing of which I find more enjoyable than writing film reviews, though watching movies is frequently more entertaining than watching the Mariners.”
From the dust cover: “How does a man, possibly a bit crazy, maybe just a country hick, but certainly loony, end up a star on vaudeville in 1911 while with the New York Giants?

That is what baseball fans and historians have been wondering.

Loonies in the Dugout takes a fictional look at what happened through the eyes of rookie Chet Koski who is not doing well on the field, or off the field, as he courts chorus girl, Eveleen Sullivan. He wonders about the nature of luck, coincidence, God, and the female loon.

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Decoding Print

download-22The Proper Place of Phonics

Phonics cannot be treated in a vacuum. Their proper acquisition depends on articulation with both lower- and higher-order knowledge about language and text.
Neither understanding nor learning can proceed hierarchically from the bottom up. Phonological awareness, letter recognition facility, familiarity with spelling patterns, spelling-sound relationships, and individual words must be developed in concert with real reading and real writing and with deliberate reflection on the forms, function, and meanings of texts.

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Exploring Your Passion As A Source Of Income

images-43Many people write about quitting the 9 to 5 and doing your own thing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s an admirable  goal to have.  That being said, you CAN excel at your current gig and explore your  passion at the same time.


I’ve been with the same company now for 5 years.  In the technology space, this is already good.  I’ve been fortunate enough to move up the ranks and it’s been a rewarding journey.  As I’ve writing before, I’m in corporate technology sales.  I cherish the work I’m privileged to do with my clients.  The relationships I have in my industry are very fulfilling.  I value them more than anything else I do in my work environment.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have other passions or things I want to explore.  Hence, I started writing and working with others to improve their life and work performance.

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Robert C Byrd Scholarship Program

images-2If you are a parent or a student worried about the rising cost of education, the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program can help you obtain a degree without having to worry of school expenses. The prestigious scholarship is funded by the federal government that is administered on the state level to senior high school students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

Applicants who show high academic standing in high school must promise to maintain continuous achievement in the pursuit of their secondary education. Awardees are selected on the basis of class rank, GPA, SAT or ACT assessment ratings, among other curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In addition, one important requirement for the Robert C. Byrd scholarship is a copy of the letter indicating one’s acceptance into a college or university. 

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Are Teen Parents Smarter Than Bible Thumpers?

images-44For the 2.5th (I decided to count the introduction, then decided it didn’t count, then realized a compromise could be made) part of my series, I am going to share an anecdote which unquestionably proves my theory that bloggers hate anything to do with breeding.

Now, to preface this, I spent a large part of my growing years in Surrey, B.C. I guess it’s like a Canadian Compton. This means it’s not really scary at all, but people in the nicer, more citified areas, need to make fun of a shitty suburban satellite so that they can feel all elite and superior. Mmm, culture, the arts, goat cheese – who cares? Surrey has Ed Hardy hoodies, large groups of teenagers that hang out in front of the 7/11 or Mac’s, and teen pregnancy flagrantly displayed at transit depots.

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How to pick a “safety school” when applying for college

images-45Last week, I talked about deciding how many colleges to apply to and mentioned that you should have one or two “safety schools” on your list.
A safety school is a college where you’re convinced you’ll be accepted to. If for some horrible reason all of your other schools turn you down, you can count on your safety school to accept you, so at least you’ll have some place to go. Depending on how good your high school resume is, how selective the schools you picked are, and how many colleges you’ve applied to, you’ll almost definitely get into a school that’s better than your safety school. But it’s good to have a fallback option.

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College Interview Tips

Graduates walking towards future
The college interview is often the final step in the application process. Interviews are taken seriously so be sure to arrive to your interviews prepared!
Here are our top 9 college interview tips:

  1. Do your research. Consult the school’s website and view other review websites so you appear informed and knowledgeable.
  2. Practice! Interviews go much smoother when you have practiced with potential questions and have planned a variety of answers. Practice with your parents, counselor, or even your friends.
  3. Dress professionally. You do not need to wear a suit and tie but be sure to dress conservatively and in business professional style.
  4. Bring a copy of your transcript and activity resume. This will show your interviewer you have come prepared. But be sure to know your personal history. Interviewers may ask about specific courses or grades and expect you to be able to explain your experiences in each class and activity.
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What does a typical school week in college look like?

schoolhours-clockIf you’ve never been to college, it’s tough to imagine what a typical week’s schedule will be like. Even if you plan out your classes, it’s hard to say how you will actually spend your time, such as when you’ll be getting up, eating, and so forth.

Although everyone chooses a different schedule based on what works for them and yours will inevitably be unique too, a sample one is always good to have.

Below is my schedule from the first quarter of my freshman year, where I took three classes: Astronomy, Bioethics, and a writing class (“Core”). Here’s what a typical week looked like for me:

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Tips for a successful job interview while young

Going to any interview can be downright intimidating, and going to your first job interview is no exception. Without any prior work experience to point to, you have to somehow try to convince the employer that you’re a good choice.
avoid risk
Luckily, most interviews for jobs in high school and early college jobs aren’t too grueling. Most employers will ask some simple questions to get to know you and then make a decision. The way you present yourself in an interview will usually make more of an impact than whatever you have on your short resume.
Employers want workers who see the job as more than just a paycheck — they want workers who actually care about what they do. If you can give the impression in your job interview that you do care, then you’ll have a much better shot at getting hired. Here are four ways I’ve found pretty helpful:

Come to the interview well-dressed and well-groomed.

You don’t need to rent a tuxedo or anything, but wearing moderately-formal clothes will reflect on you much better than a teenager who comes in wearing typical casual clothes. Remember, dress professional, not formal. Wear something you would expect higher-ups in the company to wear. Show it!

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You’re not the only one who’s got that so-called “one thing”

images-46One Direction – One Thing…..

as we danced around her kitchen to one direction’s “one thing” my dear friend pointed out, “isn’t it kind of creepy that five guys are singing this to one girl?!”

the fact is, that it’s actually incredibly creepy. but yet, we’re so “immune” to just how strange, awkward and inappropriate this kind of creepy is.

it’s not a reputable source but i like urban dictionary’s definition of creepy: “a slang term for sexually inappropriate or perverted or for attempting to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means.”

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Honest Answers About Life

the-best-ideas-are-rarely-the-most-creativeDid you have an enemy or bully when you were young?
Not really – I was teased in primary school but it was only childish taunts because I didn’t have the right make of shoes, or my pencil case was the wrong shape. In high school I tended to get on well with everyone – I had my own little circle, but I’d talk to anyone really. If we had a falling out then the bullying used to start but the taunts targeted weight or complexion etc. But I never remember going home and crying about it. Then I dropped out of high school and got my HSE diploma through the GED test and now I even help writing tests to help other people. Check it out here: http://mycareertools.com/2016-ged-practice-tests/

What part of your day-to-day life requires the most patience from you?
Travelling to university – it’s a 40 minute train ride, and then 15 minutes in a taxi to the campus. Sometimes trains are late so I need to wait for them on the (cold/miserable) platform, other times the trains are delayed mid-journey so I have to busy myself until we get going again. I time my trains so I get to campus with five minutes to get to my lecture, so often I don’t have the option of being delayed therefore being patient is quite hard in this situation.

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Introducing Bizad Blog

images-47During the last few weeks, Bjorn and I evangelized corporate blogging to Dr Helen Chai, Assistant-Dean of Undergraduate Marketing and Admissions from Bizad. We were pleasantly surprised with their response which can only be summed up in one word: Enthusiasm. It’s really heartening to experience pockets of such enthusiasm in Singapore. My impression of the progressiveness of Bizad has been further strengthened by this project. They were absolutely willing to listen to our ideas and implemented it so fast. Check out the Bizad Blog here. Remember, it’s bba.nus.edu.sg/blog so simple right?

I think Dr Helen’s a really great blogger, blogging at odd-times of the day/night even. I mean how many professors actually bother to spend time blogging on weekends and evenings? How many actually bother to come down to check out their students sing? Check out their student’s ventures? I’m not sure if many people in Singapore would actually understand the impact of this project. As far as I know, I think this is a first among our three universities. The bba blog is now on my daily must-reads. It’s very interesting because it allows me to have a glimpse into the life of a bizad student and their successes. I feel better connected with the people at Bizad too because I hear their voices and their opinions. Overtime, I hope it will develop into a vibrant online community. Good luck Bizad!

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The toys of yesteryear are not the toys of today

images-3My mum was one hell of a storyteller – that is, if she could stay focused enough to tell it. She was famous for starting a story only to get so far off the beaten path that twenty minutes later she’d give you a blank look and say, “Wait. What was I going to tell you?” But as it usually was with my mom, when she geared up to tell a story people got comfortable and listened.

Of her stories about me, one of my favorites was the one about the Stashinator, a tale I was reminded of when I was over at Kgirl’s place yesterday, laughing as she tried to decipher her daughter’s toddler speak.

As I recall, I was a touch older than Oliver – maybe three and a half or so – when I started talking about the Stashinator. Stashinator this. Stashinator that. Here a Stashinator, there a Stashinator, everywhere a Stashinator. I wanted a Stashinator and I wanted one badly.

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How To Reduce iCloud Backup Size

When you work day and night on something and then make a good output out of that research then you want to keep it safe. Whether it is a song’s playlist on which you have spent a lot of time to dig out your favorite songs from the net or the contacts details that you gathered in a lifetime of meeting hundreds of people. From your contacts, there might be some links whom you may never be able to meet again but they hold a very important place in your life, so you want to keep them safe to contact them off and on. Digital world came up with the perfect solution for this data holding issue. They proposed iCloud as the best option to cope with such situations.

With the growing street thefts, the main item victims loose are either their cell phones or cash. Therefore, with the cell phones, they lose their precious data. Sometimes there is no way to send your data in your devices unless you do it manually. In addition, that is very irritating sometimes for the user if he/she got many data to transfers. Now the new devices are coming up with new technologies and much easier ways to handle and keep the backups of your data.

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The Day Finally Came: Graduation

3040028-poster-p-2-the-creative-forecast-how-marketing-will-change-in-2015So I got my final grades back and I’m keeping my 4.0. It was VERY close with a few classes, I am sitting at a 90 but who cares, an A is an A is an A. Thank God. I’m done. Graduate in 2 days and then its out of here. Still don’t know my future of law school though. I’m getting very tired of waiting.

In site related news, my bestest friend is getting a personal site again and I’m hosting it. I’ll post the link when she gives me the go ahead. Her and I are also working on a tutorials site which should be fun and interesting if we keep it going.

I’m so bored. I’ve been out of class/the final since 9 a.m.. I went to breakfast with Amber afterwords and then came up here to my room and have done ZERO. Nothing…besides talk to Emily and watch General Hospital. Its kind of nice. And tomorrow all I have to do is clean/pack and throw shit away.

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