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How to Save on Backpacks for School

Although to most kids, especially tweens and teens, backpacks for school are a style statement and need to be a reflection of their own personal style there are other considerations that parents need to keep in mind while shopping for backpacks for school to make sure that the one that is eventually chosen is as well suited to its purpose as it is good looking.

Another thing parents should never do when it comes to purchasing backpacks for school is pay full price if they really don’t have to, especially during the back to school season. Here are a few tips for finding a durable, fashionable backpack for school for less:

Shop the Sales – Big stores like Target and WalMart tend to offer some very deep discounts on school supplies of all kinds in the month or so leading up to back to school time. However, after the kids are back in school those discounts often deepen even further – sometimes up to 75% off the original price. If your child can manage with that old backpack for school for a week or so before you buy them a new one you could save a significant amount of money on a really good one, including some of the top backpack brands.

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Doctors Appointments, House Selling… Man is Life CRAZY!

The last I left off, we were back to showing our house, I was talking about my ongoing, widespread pain, and I was well, just a SAHM doing the same old things day in and day out! We are about one day away from being in contract again. Thank god. We had to agree on an even lower price, one that truly is our bottom line.

The inspections were done and the buyer is pushing for contracts. If any credits or price adjustments start coming up, we’re just not going to end up selling our house. We can’t go through another contract falling through and frankly, we don’t want to keep paying the attorney. We are doing one last repeat showing as a backup on Thursday (from 7-8 frickin’ PM–really people?) and we are just taking it day by day again, hoping things work out.

Mike and I are talking about where we’ll live after we sell and I don’t think we’ve ever been so confused. One month we are certain we will be at one place, then the next month we are convinced on another. I know wherever we end up, it will work out. It’s just difficult when more than one situation will work for us. It’s not just black and white, otherwise, it would be an easy decision. Moving on.

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