God’s Lessons Intrude in Everything…Yes, even “Yo’ Mama” Jokes

I remember in the early 90’s when  “Yo mama jokes” started catching on. We would meet at lunch and watch kids in “Yo Mama” battles to see who had the funniest jokes. They were from “Yo mama is so fat” all the way to “Yo mama is so poor.”

Then God being Who He is finds His way into everything so there were jokes with even yes, God as the topic. Jokes such as, “Yo mama is so old, when God said “Let there be light, yo mama flipped the switch!” or “Yo mama is so old, she had Jesus’ beeper number.” (Of course this was back when everyone had beepers)

I don’t know about you, but back then before ‘Yo mama’ jokes caught on, talking about someone’s mom was fightin’ words, no matter how good or bad of a mother your mom was.

As soon as someone would say, “Yo mama” a fight would be on. Somehow, somewhere, someone turned something ugly into something that was hilarious, and brought everyone together to tell jokes and laugh instead of argue and fight.

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The Most Useless Parenting Advice- Follow Your Instincts

One of the most useless and common advice we receive about parenting is to follow our instincts. It´s hard to define what our instincts are and what is our culture talking loud on our reflexes.

The common sense also varies from culture to culture, so if you come from an authoritarian culture like I am, and you count on your common sense, you will most likely end up screaming, punishing and bossing your child around. Om the other hand, I read on the mycareertools.com website that in the US teens can quit high school and parents can not even say a word.

They recommended this great book called Positive Discipline. I realize that if I want to follow the advice on this book, I have to shut down many of my instincts and trust the new information, just like Kate from my career tools says about the need for parents to let go of old ways and even if it means that your son is quitting his high school. There is always a GED test to get a high school diploma, right?

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Being overwhelmed with school, work and kids

Lately, I’ve been looking for work and have been unsuccessful.  I know I need more education and certainly more experience.

I want to get into medical transcription if possible, but for the time being, while I work my way through school, my oldest daughter must first try to get her GED diploma, and I’ll be raising kids and surviving deployment. She is taking online GED prep classes provided for free by a website called MyCareerTools and I must admit, it seems to be working fine for her.

This time last year I had it all going on.  I was going to school (taking three classes), working part time, chauffeuring three kids all over town, doing Crossfit, and then selling Pampered Chef too.

My goal all along with Pampered Chef was to replace my income from medical transcription so I could be more flexible as my husband was going to be deploying this fall and I was going to be going to school still.

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Linguine with sausage n mushrooms: Sabroso Saturday

I’ve had numerous people ask me over the years about my famous linguine. It’s been my go to recipe for a plethora of potlucks. It’s not the only dish I’ve taken to potlucks but, it has been one of the most well received.

One of the reasons I love this recipe is that on busy days, I whip this puppy up and my family is eating a healthy home cooked meal in minutes. I love this recipe! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!


Linguine with Italian sausage and mushrooms:

1 lb of linguine
2 Tbs of olive oil
1 lb Italian sausage (remove casein)
1 lb of sliced mushrooms (crimini or porcini are best for this recipe)
1/4 c chopped Italian parsley (I love my greens)
4 crushed cloves of garlic (less if you like)
1 10 oz can of crushed tomatoes (try using Muir Glen Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes)

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Counterbalancing Chronic Stress

I have been having a rough week. My minor ankle injury has not only contributed to my already steady stream of small stress sources, but it’s taken away from my chronic stress relieving habit – physical activity.

Everyone I know falls victim to at least some degree of chronic stress. Most people don’t wake up in the morning as joyful as my puppies, bouncing around like ping pong balls, licking everything in sight, only worried about whether or not it’s time to go for their daily woods walk.

Instead, we wake up and immediately start tending to our internal chore chart… pee, coffee, email, mentally preparing ourselves for our barrage of tasks at hand (I try to get my GED via online GED lessons), and physically readying ourselves for another work day via hygiene and clothing.

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Book reviews in a sentence 

I’ve read a few books over the last 3 months. Here’s my ultra-short reviews (in no particular order).

Patrick O’Brian’s Master and CommanderPost Captain and H.M.S. Surprise: Good, but not outstanding.

O’Brian has a tendency to massively understate keys parts of storyline and I find that some sub-plots just do not come to a satisfying conclusion.

Richard Morgan’s Altered CarbonBroken Angels and Market Forces: Great reading, but extremely violent.

Morgan writes reasonably hard SciFi set in the far future (in the case of Altered Carbon/Broken Angels) or some kind of near alternate future (Market Forces).

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Something to Give Up? I gave up being frustrated with my daughter.

It’s Lent. I’m Catholic. I had to give something up. You know, because it’s Lent and stuff and that’s what you do. You give something up for forty days and forty nights, and then you go crazy like a glutton on Easter Morning, gorging yourself with everything you gave up on Ash Wednesday.

One year year, I gave up taking career tests, that was my total obsession – I could search the internet for any new quizzes and take them every day. I still love these career and personality quiz but as a mom I have less time to worry about my career just now. Anyway, this year I wanted to give up something even more meaningful.
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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Display Your Appreciation…Without Breaking the Bank!

Holidays are supposed to be about showing love to the people you care about, but many people fear the strain that many holidays may have on their wallet.  You don’t need lots of money to show you care on Mother’s Day!

Here are 10 low-budget ways to show your love:

1) Your parents don’t get thanked for all they do often enough! Make a card or write your mom a heartfelt letter. Be specific about the things you love about her and write about the things that she has done to influence you. Honest and loving words can sometimes be the thing she remembers the most.

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Zombies and glasses and chunky black sandals

I feel like a zombie. I’m stressed, stretched too thin. Exhausted. I have so much on my mind…there are so many thoughts screaming through my head that I wish I could just turn my brain off for a while.

My jaw is sore from clenching my teeth so hard. Inside my head is loud. It’s one big perma-headache.

As I pack our lives into boxes and tape them shut I come across things that I forgot I had. Stuff of my mom’s that still hold her scent, papers and cards that bear her handwriting, things that trigger a flood of memories; nostalgia.

It’s easier when they’re tucked away in boxes, out of sight, out of mind. I like it better when I can keep them – and the memories that come with them – all under wraps, hidden, so I don’t have to deal with them. Continue reading

50 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been “Able” to Lose Weight:

I have no motivation. “Who am I trying to impress?”
There are Corn Nuts in the house.
I love food. Simple.
There’s at least 35 fast food joints within a 1 mile radius.
I don’t eat during the day because I can’t remember.
After not eating all day (body in starvation mode) I gorge myself in the evening. Body. Stores. The. Fat
It’s too hard, wah wah wah!
I don’t like sweating.
My kids never eat all their food, so I have to eat what they leave. “Waste not, want not!”
There are Toaster Strudels in the house.
Exercise makes me tired. Wah wah WAH! Continue reading