Family Activities For A Rainy Day

The kids have been back to school for a while now and it won’t be long before summer is over. Fall is a time of transition for children in areas where four seasons truly exist. The weather changes frequently. One day its winter cold, the next day it’s sunny and near 80 degrees. We pull our patio furniture and backyard toys out of storage one day to only store them back the next. It just may be pouring down rain the next day. Back in June, I came up with some alternative activity ideas for the summer and this time, I’ll give you some ideas about family activities for a rainy day.

Younger children have a harder time adjusting to the rapidly changing weather patterns as Fall pushes its way into our region. So here are some additional fun playtime ideas my family enjoys during this rough transition. Feel free to steal an idea or two for your own fun!

There are tons of fun crafts you can do with your children that are easy and cute too. Check with a local craft store for pre-packaged craft supplies or use your imagination to help your child create their own masterpiece with a little bit of construction paper, glue, and fun beads or buttons. The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafts.

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Alternative Activity Ideas for the Summer

Well, the schools are closed and we’re all trying to work out ways to keep the teenagers and younger kids amused and maybe its time to think outside the box. My last post addressed the best way to get hold of inexpensive Mother Day’s gifts but now, the vacation is waiting and school is over. So it’s high time to explore some alternative activity ideas for the summer and switch my attention from schooling to some summer fun!

Are you in the mood for adventure? Do you feel the need to explore or try something new for a change? If you are you can bet your children are too.

What you need is a holiday with a difference. Forget your usual trip to the beach or your tried and tested hotel in South Carolina or Florida. There are incredible activities out there that will satisfy your desire for the unusual and provide you with happy memories and experiences to share with your friends and family for years to come.

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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Display Your Appreciation…Without Breaking the Bank! Let’s take a look at some inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Holidays are supposed to be about showing love to the people you care about, but many people fear the strain that many holidays may have on their wallet.  You don’t need lots of money to show you care on Mother’s Day!

Here are 10 low-budget ways to show your love:

1) Your parents don’t get thanked for all they do often enough! Make a card or write your mom a heartfelt letter. Be specific about the things you love about her and write about the things that she has done to influence you. Honest and loving words can sometimes be the thing she remembers the most.

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Being overwhelmed with school, work and kids

Lately, I’ve been looking for work and have been unsuccessful. I know I need more education and certainly more experience. Then again, I don’t want to get being overwhelmed with school, work, and kids again.

I want to get into medical transcription if possible, but for the time being, while I work my way through school, my oldest daughter must first try to get her GED diploma, and I’ll be raising kids and surviving deployment by getting creative ideas. She is taking online GED Social Studies prep classes provided for free and I must admit, it seems to be working fine for her. Here is a tip for you if you need a good GED prep website, use Best Classes for GED Prep website, they really have top resources.

I really like the Social Studies section because it’s hard to remember all these historical facts. Best Classes has a lot of videos that focus on just one small part of history, then they have a quiz about the lesson. It’s very neat. Here is the direct access to the social studies lessons.

This time last year I had it all going on. I was going to school (taking three classes), working part-time, chauffeuring three kids all over town, doing Crossfit, and then selling Pampered Chef too.

My goal all along with Pampered Chef was to replace my income from medical transcription so I could be more flexible as my husband was going to be deploying this fall and I was going to be going to school still.
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The Most Useless Parenting Advice- Follow Your Instincts

One of the most useless and common advice we receive about parenting is to follow our instincts. It’s hard to define what our instincts are and what is our culture talking loud on our reflexes. Check out this video with the Most Useless Parenting Advice That Parent Get:

The common sense also varies from culture to culture, so if you come from an authoritarian culture like I am, and you count on your common sense, you will most likely end up screaming, punishing and bossing your child around. Om the other hand, I read on the website that in the US teens can quit high school and parents cannot even say a word.

They recommended this great book called Positive Discipline. I realize that if I want to follow the advice on this book, I have to shut down many of my instincts and trust the new information, just like Kate from My Career Tools says about the need for parents to let go of old ways and even if it means that your son is quitting his high school. There is always the GED test to get a high school diploma, right?

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Confessions of a permissive mother

All parents know that children need boundaries. How to set those boundaries and if we really do it is another story. It took me a long time to realize the truth: that I let Luísa too much free and that my I’m not guiding her as much as I should. So check out this post with some confessions of a permissive mother.

It’s not that I purposely want to be that hands-off. But sometimes when I listen to the Lewis Family music, like all parents, I try my best and like to believe I’m doing well. But maybe, also like many parents, I’m not doing that well.

While always focused on freedom, always trying to let my girl learn by herself, by the example, I have been letting her too much free, to the extent that I don’t have a strong voice in our house, and I often feel abused by her, resented by the way she treats me.

Here is a good example of what goes on, this happened last week and I want to change this scenario:

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Storytelling in the Classroom

What exactly is ‘storytelling’? Well, that’s easy, telling stories, of course! Today, you can find so many diverse, fantastic, and sometimes very overwhelming ways to do some great storytelling in the classroom.

What I would like to explore is the traditional, oral way of storytelling, and this has been a part of our human culture and life since we left Africa some 200,000 years ago or more…

Maybe storytelling was the key reason why languages could develop in the first place, as our human minds began to wonder, inquire, and think.

Why are we telling stories?

Whether in cities, in schools, or in caves, storytelling has always been the most important and innate form of human communication. We all tell stories.

The horrors and happenings on the news, the story of the day, the story of our lives, gossip on the workplace, it goes on and on, and our brain is hard-wired to listen, think, and express ourselves in terms of beginning, middles, and ends of stories. This is more or less how we see and understand our world.

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Great Ideas For Classroom Bulletin Board Decorations

Classroom bulletin boards are a great way to both liven up the scenery and get kids excited about learning and feeling connected to their classroom. They are also a great way to communicate with the kids and leave reminders as well as show off the students’ achievements to visitors to the classroom. So let’s take a closer look here at some great ideas for Classroom Bulletin Board Decorations.

There are many different bulletin board decorations that you can consider here are just a few of them:

Bulletin Board Decorations for the Start of the School Year – Since school begins just as fall is around the corner many teachers choose a fall theme for their start of year bulletin boards. This is also a great time for teachers to post new class lists so that everyone knows who is who and asking the students to write a little about what they did over the summer and posting those essays is always a popular idea amongst teachers as well.

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Where to find the best deals on School Chairs

Why would you ever want to buy school chairs for anywhere but at school? If you are starting your own daycare facility you might and they are also an affordable choice for community centers, night schools and anywhere else lightweight, easy to move seating would be a bonus. You might even want to buy one for your kids’ bedroom to go with that desk. So where to find the best deals on School Chairs? That’s what this post is all about. See also this interesting video about Egonomics in School Chairs:

Where to Buy School Chairs

Most actual schools have their own classroom furniture supplier designated by their school districts. The private buyer though has to go looking for school chairs by themselves. Probably the best place to begin that search is online as there are a number of internet-only stores that offer some real bargains, especially if you are buying in bulk. Well, our children will be going back to school soon, so let’s take a closer look at some of the best deals:

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Fun and Free Family Activities: Visit the Museum!

What better way to spend time with your family than appreciating fine art? Most museums are free, but you would really need to check with your local area museum to be sure. Some museums may have summertime family-oriented activities planned as well. Yet still, there may be discounted “family” days for specialized educational museums like in Georgia at the Music Hall of Fame. So if you’re thinking about fun and free family activities: Visit the Museum!

While some may not be free, you can find out which days of the month, week, or year, have been designated as “family” days that offer discounts. Many museums have websites that list most of their information including pricing and hours of operation.

It’s never too late, or too soon, to begin the learning process. So keep this in mind when heading off to your local museum. While your children may think this activity will be boring, there are always “battle plans” to make it fun for everyone. You could always visit the museum’s website to see what is on display as many museums have time-limited exhibits to research first what may be of interest to your child(ren) beforehand. Then make up some list printouts to take along with you that have checklists to be sure that you view everything on the printouts.

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