50 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been “Able” to Lose Weight:

I have no motivation. “Who am I trying to impress?”
There are Corn Nuts in the house.
I love food. Simple.
There’s at least 35 fast food joints within a 1 mile radius.
I don’t eat during the day because I can’t remember.
After not eating all day (body in starvation mode) I gorge myself in the evening. Body. Stores. The. Fat
It’s too hard, wah wah wah!
I don’t like sweating.
My kids never eat all their food, so I have to eat what they leave. “Waste not, want not!”
There are Toaster Strudels in the house.
Exercise makes me tired. Wah wah WAH!
I don’t have enough time.
I have kids coming at me from every direction and they would be injured if I were to exercise.
There are frickin CARBS in the house.
Did I mention I love food?
I’m lazy.
Poor poor me.
I can never lose all the weight I need to so why even try. WAH FRICKIN WAH!
Pills don’t work when you eat even when you don’t want to.
Liposuction doesn’t work when you eat everything in sight afterwards.
I like food a lot.
Shoes make my feet hurt, so walking is out of the picture.
I have a car, don’t I?
Somebody’s gotta make up for the fact that I feed my kids semi-healthy food.
I have hypothyroidism. It’s expected.
All day long I look forward to dinner (or supper, depending on your location).
No joke, I’m havin’ me some chocolate cake while I’m typing this.
I could probably get to 50 but I can’t think of anything else. Wait. Yes I can.
I have control issues.
I have rebellion issues.
If someone tells me I need to do something, I’m going to do the complete opposite.
I want an easy way out.
I want instant gratification that I can’t get.
My husband loves me for who I am, not what I look like. (HA!)
I hate cooking.
I had three kids. Hold up. I was a cow before I got pregnant. Hmmm.
If I lose a bunch of weight what ever will I do with the excess skin?
I can make jokes and laugh at myself, which makes it okay.
There is food in the house.
I like me some food.
I The Chinese Takeout place down the street is calling my name.
Did I happen to mention the ice cream I’m having with my cake right now?
Now I’m all hungry. SEE!!!
I’ve been this way all my life, how could I possibly change it now?
I’m an over-eater.
I eat as a reward system.
I’m too chicken to get gastric bypass because I wouldn’t follow the rules.
I eat when I’m not hungry and I make excuses for my excuses.
There’s peanut butter in the house.