Being overwhelmed with school, work and kids

Lately, I’ve been looking for work and have been unsuccessful. I know I need more education and certainly more experience. Then again, I don’t want to get being overwhelmed with school, work, and kids again.

I want to get into medical transcription if possible, but for the time being, while I work my way through school, my oldest daughter must first try to get her GED diploma, and I’ll be raising kids and surviving deployment by getting creative ideas. She is taking online GED Social Studies prep classes provided for free and I must admit, it seems to be working fine for her. Here is a tip for you if you need a good GED prep website, use Best Classes for GED Prep website, they really have top resources.

I really like the Social Studies section because it’s hard to remember all these historical facts. Best Classes has a lot of videos that focus on just one small part of history, then they have a quiz about the lesson. It’s very neat. Here is the direct access to the social studies lessons.

This time last year I had it all going on. I was going to school (taking three classes), working part-time, chauffeuring three kids all over town, doing Crossfit, and then selling Pampered Chef too.

My goal all along with Pampered Chef was to replace my income from medical transcription so I could be more flexible as my husband was going to be deploying this fall and I was going to be going to school still.

Alas, there was a very personal and life-alerting event which derailed everything. I was forced to look at every aspect of my life and determine whether it was working for me or not. I felt the need to change nearly everything in my life. I evaluated my work, my friendships, my parenting style, my lifestyle, and more.

This has led to a less than stellar summer for me and our kids. Boring, uneventful, and without money to do anything fun.

Now, something has shifted.  Something has changed. I’m willing and ready to go back to transcription and until that gets going again, I’m also going back to selling Pampered Chef. I really enjoyed it when I did it, I was just overwhelmed with school, work, kids and that too.

Now, I’m taking things one step at a time and learning that it’s okay to say I can’t do something, that I’m not capable of doing everything I want, it’s just impossible. I’m only one woman and I have to choose what’s important to me to get done and what isn’t. Now I’m in the process of earning my GED diploma, and as soon as that’s done, new perspectives will arise and I’ll get back on track!

Right now, working and making money is important to me. Oldest daughter needs to complete her GED, the family costs money too, which means this is going to be a very expensive year. Raising teenagers is a very expensive endeavor…

Anyway, since I haven’t found any answers to my life issues in the Twitterverse or comment sections of my Facebook page and those of my friends, I’m going back to doing real things… starting with The Pampered Chef.

I’ll continue to blog and seek out and be a freelance blogger and do web copywriting until I can get established. But I’ve determined that I am no good without employment. This has led me to think a lot about what a job and a career mean to the definition of who you are. I don’t think that your work defines you.

I think that you should certainly enjoy your work, but the true secret of happiness is to have balance and enjoy the other areas of your life – to make them rich and fulfilling and meaningful.

I think of work as a means to an end.  It gives you the means to enjoy and relish experiences with your family and friends, the ability to seek out what you really want, and gives your “off time,” your not working life, more meaning and enjoyment. What do you think? What do you think about your job or career? Does it define you or do you define it?