Black Bean and Zucchini Quesadillas

Let me just say, I’m pretty impressed that I spelled “zucchini” correctly on the first try, that one always gets me!

Anyway, its been a while since I’ve actually gotten to cook! My dad was a professional chef back in his 20’s, and he loves to cook, so he’s been doing most of it around here.

But every now and then I’m still sneaking back into the kitchen. Especially since I’m trying to encourage him to eat just a little bit healthier.

But I made these quesadillas a week (or maybe two?) ago when I was still in Memphis. They are super cheap, and super easy.

First I just diced up some zucchini. I then mixed it with half a can of black beans that I rinsed (to get the extra salt and weird tin can taste off). I mashed them up together a bit, and then added some salsa.

Then I took 2 tortillas and added the mixture to each. I grated up some sharp cheddar cheese and topped with another tortilla. I chose to broil them, about 3 minutes each side because I thought it would be quicker.

What I would do differently? Use less beans! These things were super thick which made them a pain to both flip over and eat! I would also use more cheese. While I was trying to be healthy, cheese is really the glue in a quesadilla so it doesn’t end up such a sloppy mess!

And lastly, I would definitely do this in a pan, grilled cheese sandwich style, rather than in the broiler. Live and learn. And it was still super yummy! Recipes like this are what I’m hoping to be able to throw together while I’m in PA school. They don’t require a ton of ingredients and don’t take anytime at all, but they are still healthy!

This weekend was super boring. I did get to go hang out with my abuela on Saturday. My abuela is like the fittest woman on the planet, so we just chatted and I showed her some yoga poses she could try.

She also has a ridiculous garden, and sent me home with some tomatoes, pears, and corn. Yesterday I got a great workout in in the morning, and then spent the rest of day just bumming and watching movies.

Today I’ve got a pretty busy day planned. I’m going to go workout (still trying to figure out what I’m going to do though…) and then I’m going downtown to apply for a job- a friend of my mom’s knows a guy who owns a pretty popular restaurant, and she told me to go apply and see if I could talk to him.

I always get so nervous in situations like that, but I really could use a job! After that we are meeting up with my Grandpa to go out to lunch.

Have you had any recipes go awry recently? Did you have a fun weekend?