Capturing the Moment- my new SLR camera

After much debating and some patience, I actually bought myself a new lens for my SLR camera today.

It was pricey but hopefully, it will be a lens that I can grow into, setting aside the need for another one anytime soon.

I struggled with the decision to buy it partially because it’s not very Dave Ramsey like and partially because I want to make sure that my hope for joy doesn’t lie in owning this item. Ultimately, my joy must come from Christ.
In any case, it’s on its way. I am excited.

I’ve been listening to a podcast by James Beltz which has been extremely helpful in learning more photography and editing skills. The problem was that I had grown out of my equipment and was unable to practice new skills since I was limited by my camera.

I love taking pictures of my family. I think it’s the best way to capture memories. I have a goal to create a digital photo album each year for our family as well as an individual one for each of our children. We have greatly enjoyed looking over the past few years of books. I can only imagine how fun it will be 20 years from now.

So hopefully, my ability to capture the moment in quality photos will improve over the years. The next goal I need to make is to actually get IN the pictures once in a while. As I get older I find each year passing by more quickly than the last. These photos and albums will be a great way to remember how our family has grown and developed.

My Last days with my iPod

Well, tomorrow happens to be the last day me and my precious iPod have left together. For Saturday I will be prepping it for shipment to the winner of my Twitter contest. If you have not entered then just click the link here to do so. I am really going to miss that iPod, but what I will miss even more is the bragging rights attached.

Sayings such as “My iPod’s hard drive is bigger than your computers” or my favorite, “Hey iPhone, let’s see who can save “Roots” the most times on our hard drive.” (Those who don’t know what Roots is check movie reference Roots) Ah yes, sayings that roll off your tongue and into your heart.

The iPod which I so eloquently called “iPdo”, will make somebody else very happy. I will try and do some sort of video tribute for my iPod tomorrow to pay homage. I wanted to have a ticker tape parade at Purdue for it but I could not get the paperwork finished in time.

Looking at my iTunes now, I see most of my videos have disappeared. All that I have left are “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Bourne was cool, but “Nightmare” is in my top 3 favorite movies of all time. If you have not seen it then, good, you probably don’t need too. Your eyes may melt from the greatness of the lead character Jack Skellington.

But I digress. If you all have any good video ideas for me to pay homage to my iPod let me know in the comments. Leave your twitter address and I will do a shout out in the video.