Doctors Appointments, House Selling… Man is Life CRAZY!

The last I left off, we were back to showing our house, I was talking about my ongoing, widespread pain, and I was well, just a SAHM doing the same old things day in and day out! We are about one day away from being in contract again. Thank god. We had to agree on an even lower price, one that truly is our bottom line. My God, it is complicated… doctors appointments, House Selling… Man is Life CRAZY!

The inspections were done and the buyer is pushing for contracts. If any credits or price adjustments start coming up, we’re just not going to end up selling our house. We can’t go through another contract falling through and frankly, we don’t want to keep paying the attorney. We are doing one last repeat showing as a backup on Thursday (from 7-8 frickin’ PM–really people?) and we are just taking it day by day again, hoping things work out.

Mike and I are talking about where we’ll live after we sell and I don’t think we’ve ever been so confused. One month we are certain we will be at one place, then the next month we are convinced on another. I know wherever we end up, it will work out. It’s just difficult when more than one situation will work for us. It’s not just black and white, otherwise, it would be an easy decision. Moving on.

Since a few people were concerned with my pains, I figured I’d update you on all that! My own research told me I likely have fibromyalgia but I still needed to see a doctor.  I went to see a rheumatologist and he, of course, asked for a full medical and family history. He did some basic physical/neurological exams and checked the pressure points associated with fibromyalgia as well. Only two spots he touched hurt me! Yet when anyone else presses those spots it’s excruciating… Very strange.

He told me that it could be anything from fibromyalgia to one of the 100+ types of arthritis. He had me get blood work done in the office and we scheduled X-rays for a later date. He would’ve prescribed me some sort of medication (didn’t disclose which) if I wasn’t still breastfeeding, so for now, I’ve been told to do 30 minutes of light exercise every day. That appointment was over a week ago and I’ve yet to do a single minute of exercise… Tsk tsk! I’m going to start soon, I swear!

Talking about still breastfeeding, we are now down to one feeding, two at most per day! Mikey went from completely rejecting the bottle to sucking it down after he got really hungry one day! He has been eating puréed foods for some time now but he still wanted the boob! I withheld it enough and he knew it was time to make the switch.

He also started on table foods and just like his sister, he LOVES broccoli! He will eat just about anything we give him which is awesome. I wish SHE would be that easy too. She apparently thinks our house is an all you can eat restaurant, and by all you can eat, I mean eat two bites, then ask for a new plate with different food lol.

So onto other news, I started a work at home job! I’m one of those chat agents when you go to a website and the little box pops up asking if you’d like to chat! I did training for two weeks on the computer and through conference calling and then started officially this past Friday. My hours all over the place but I gave my availability around Mike’s ridiculous schedule.

He didn’t think I’d be that busy and that I could still manage to do other things while I worked so he was completely shocked when he realized he would have to be Mr. Mom while I worked! Diaper changes, meals, bath time, laundry…it is quite the 180! At least two days a week I won’t be making dinner and eating with the family at the usual time, so I made my first crockpot meal in a long time. Aside from figuring out slow cooker recipes, we definitely have to implement a system/schedule that works for everybody, because right now, to say it’s a little hectic is an understatement!

It’s exciting to be working from home but at the same time, it’s a bit nerve-wracking. I could potentially be putting in all these hours and not make a dime since it’s actually commission only and I have to meet a quota as well as satisfaction metrics in order to get paid. I’m giving it a 30-day trial run because regardless of those metrics, I will get paid (at a minimum rate) for those hours during my first 30 days. If by then I realize it won’t be worth my time or is pretty impossible to hit my quota, then I’ll simply go back to being a regular SAHM!