Family Activities For A Rainy Day

The kids have been back to school for a while now and it won’t be long before summer is over. Fall is a time of transition for children in areas where four seasons truly exist. The weather changes frequently. One day its winter cold, the next day it’s sunny and near 80 degrees. We pull our patio furniture and backyard toys out of storage one day to only store them back the next. It just may be pouring down rain the next day. Back in June, I came up with some alternative activity ideas for the summer and this time, I’ll give you some ideas about family activities for a rainy day.

Younger children have a harder time adjusting to the rapidly changing weather patterns as Fall pushes its way into our region. So here are some additional fun playtime ideas my family enjoys during this rough transition. Feel free to steal an idea or two for your own fun!

There are tons of fun crafts you can do with your children that are easy and cute too. Check with a local craft store for pre-packaged craft supplies or use your imagination to help your child create their own masterpiece with a little bit of construction paper, glue, and fun beads or buttons. The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafts.

Family Home Videos or Photo Albums

Young children love to see themselves on TV or in books. Have fun with all of that video footage you’ve taken over the years, but rarely sit down to enjoy watching. Caution: You may want to have a box of tissues handy. It will blow you away to see a visual reminder of how little your not-so-little-anymore child used to be. No home videos handy? Grab a photo album and look through it together. My children even love to watch the video of mommy and daddy’s wedding. Obviously, they aren’t in that video but they think mommy looked like a princess and daddy was oh so handsome.

Scrapbook Together

Yes, even young children have fun scrapbooking. Give them some supplies and help them create their own scrapbook page for their book. They’ll love the one on one time with you and later on, they’ll really enjoy paging through the scrapbook to see their own special page. If your kids love to do this, it will definitely help you from getting overwhelmed with school, work, and kids. Especially when your kids get older, this may be a problem.

Rearrange and Reorganize their Bedrooms

I’m always amazed at how much my daughter loves having her bedroom rearranged and thoroughly cleaned. Of course, she doesn’t like to take the task on her own shoulders, but if mommy’s helping out and offering cool ideas and suggestions, she totally gets into it. This works really well if you happen to be struggling to encourage your child to spend time in their bedroom on their own. When my daughter’s bedroom is clean and well organized, she loves to hang out there playing with her Barbie’s or reading a book.

Color Together

This is by far a family favorite for us. I love coloring with my girls and when Fall will be here, the outdoor colors are so amazing! There’s just something so therapeutic about coloring a page in my child’s coloring book. Actually, I’ve been tempted to buy my own book that only I’m allowed to color in. Sounds so childish, I know. But I can’t be the only parent out there who feels totally relaxed and creative when I have a coloring crayon in my hand!

Hide and Seek

This is a classic and it’s a very fun family game when the entire family gets into it. We even add monster roars to our game. The person who’s seeking is the monster. When they find someone they roar loudly and lots of squealing giggles pour out of the hider. We can’t help but laugh a lot during this fun family game. How great it is to be able to do all these activities with your family. Sure, this is also a great outdoor activity in the summer when you’ve got a garden, but indoors, it works magic as well.

Jump on the Bed

Here’s another opportunity to be SuperMom in the eyes of your children. Let them jump on the bed, under your careful supervision. When I was pregnant with Abby, we lived in the hot desert. It was summer and way too hot to go out to the park. So Faith would be bouncing off the walls needing to burn off energy. I finally got to the point where I let her jump on our bed. She loved it and would giggle so much that it actually improved my overly-exhausted pregnant mommy mood.

Snuggle Up for Some Reading

We love to read to our children. It’s something we’ve done since they were babies. Whenever there seems to be a need for snuggling, we embrace the opportunity and grab a book or two to read with our girls. This has instilled a love for books in them that I’m often in awe about. My five year old now loves to read on her own for pleasure! So if the opportunity to read to your child presents itself, jump at it. It’s so worth it!

Write Letters or Make Cards

Unfortunately, many of our friends and family members live far away from us. So we’ve gotten in the habit of taking time when it’s rainy or cold out, to write letters or make nice cards for those we love and miss. When the girls were younger {I still like to do this with Abby from time to time} we’d sign their names with a painted handprint. Now that Faith is learning to write, she likes to draw pictures on the card and sign both her name and Abby’s.

I hope these ideas have been helpful and encouraging to those of you who may be struggling to keep your children entertained during those difficult days when the weather just won’t cooperate. The most important thing to keep in mind is this. Children want our time and attention. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, as long as they can enjoy it with someone they truly love.