How to Save on Backpacks for School

Although to most kids, especially tweens and teens, backpacks for school are a style statement and need to be a reflection of their own personal style there are other considerations that parents need to keep in mind while shopping for backpacks for school to make sure that the one that is eventually chosen is as well suited to its purpose as it is good looking. So if you want to learn more about how to save on backpacks for school, check out this post.

Another thing parents should never do when it comes to purchasing backpacks for school is pay the full price if they really don’t have to, especially during the back to school season. Here are a few tips for finding a durable, fashionable backpack for school for less:

Shop the Sales – Big stores like Target and WalMart tend to offer some very deep discounts on school supplies of all kinds in the month or so leading up to back to school time. However, after the kids are back in school those discounts often deepen even further – sometimes up to 75% off the original price. If your child can manage with that old backpack for school for a week or so before you buy them a new one you could save a significant amount of money on a really good one, including some of the top backpack brands.

eBay – eBay is generally a great resource for backpacks for kids, especially if your child is one of the many who really wants a backpack that is a little unusual. eBay sellers tend to have offerings available that are hard to find in stores as well as very reasonable prices on the more expensive designer book bags. Just make sure that you remember to follow the basic rules for a good shopping experience on the site: check a seller’s feedback, read the listing carefully and use Paypal at checkout because most items are then covered by a money back guarantee.

Consignment Stores – Many parents tend to spend quite a lot of money on backpacks for school that then end up barely used. Consignment store items tend to be of a higher quality than those found in thrift stores and you can often score a great deal on backpacks for school in such outlets.

Don’t dismiss your local thrift store altogether when shopping for backpacks for school though. An increasing number of retailers tend to donate their excess stock to local charity shops where they are resold at quite a major discount (and the companies that donated the supplies get a nice tax write off)

Coupon Shop – There are a number of places, both on and offline where you can find coupons good for savings on backpacks for school. Sites like often offer coupons and discounts on some major brand names. These deals tend to have a short lifespan though so you really do have to take advantage of them as soon as you see them. You could also check a site like as often people (including retailers) list backpacks for school that can be obtained at no charge there.

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