How to Select the Right Classroom Furniture for a Preschool or Daycare

Starting a preschool is a popular solo business venture these days. Affordable childcare is always in great demand and the idea of setting up and running their own preschool daycare facility appeals to many entrepreneurs who also have an interest in giving back to their community as well as making money. So let’s see how to select the right classroom furniture for a preschool or daycare.

One of the many things that have to be decided upon before a daycare center or preschool opens its doors though is what kind of classroom furniture needs to be purchased.

What Classroom Furniture Does a Good Preschool Need?

Preschool and/or daycare is all about getting younger children ready for the day that they will go to “big school”. Although preschool should be fun it is also a time to get kids used to the kind of disciplined setting they will be entering in school. A properly arranged classroom helps in this endeavor and any good classroom has certain items of specific classroom furniture.

Preschool classroom furniture obviously has to be smaller scale than that you will find in a “regular” classroom to accommodate toddlers and their needs. Smaller is not the only thing you should be looking for in good classroom furniture though. Toddlers are very active creatures, to say the least, and the furniture you choose has to be sturdy enough to stand up to plenty of abuse also when you’re storytelling in your classroom. Remember when you were young? Could you sit still all the time?

In a preschool setting, kids will be eating, working, playing and usually napping as well so the classroom furniture you choose needs to accommodate all of these things. Larger tables that accommodate several children work better than individual desks as it encourages the children to socialize and work together, social skills that will be invaluable to them once they enter big school. Such tables should be low enough that no child has to kneel on their chair to reach the surface comfortably as that is rather unsafe.

Many preschools utilize the same tables for eating as they do for class work but setting up a separate “dining area” is a good idea as once again it will help get kids ready for the discipline that big school will exert on them and another good advice is to never listen to the most useless parenting advice that you’ll get all the time: Follow Your Instincts”. I bet you’re wiser!

For naptime, most daycare centers and preschools encourage children to bring their own blankets and pillows, but you can purchase special “nap mats” that are great for preschool use as well.

Where to Buy Classroom Furniture

Anyone just setting themselves up in business has an interest in saving as much of their capital as they can. There are a number of online retailers who offer good discounts on quality classroom furniture suitable for preschool use and these are certainly well worth comparison shopping your way through. and are both good sites that carry safe, high-quality classroom furniture at reasonable prices, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Now if you’re keen on saving money on classroom furniture you should also think about how to lower your electricity bills. Lowering your electricity bills is not only good for your wallet, but it’s also great for our environment. Electricity is creating a lot of pollution and every time you’re flipping a switch, you’ll generally be polluting our environment as the majority of our power plants burn fossil fuels for the production of electricity.

If you need to shop offline and are having a hard time finding a local furniture outlet for your classroom chairs, why not consider asking your local school district if they can help you locate a good one. They may even be able to help you getter a better deal than you might have done shopping for classroom furniture by yourself.