Let’s Take a Walk…

…back in time to one of my older posts. This was one of my faves because I love ranting and raving. Plain and simple.

I’m dragging this one out from under the dust bunnies in the archives because I am out of town probably having an excruciatingly bad time trying to wrangle three children on a “vacation.”

What a wonderful opportunity to be lazy once again. Yay!  So, just know, if I don’t reply to your comments as quickly as I usually do, it’s because I’m not actually here.  Duh.  So, thank you in advance.

OK. Now, I can kinda understand (though it makes me crazy) my 3 and 4 year old’s saying “yes maam” when they’re asked to do something and then completely ignoring me and doing something else.

On the other hand, I CANNOT get a handle on grown people doing the exact same thing. When you are on medication of any kind it is usually crucial to have some on hand.

Then, when you have no refills (WHY?) and contact the doctor’s office to get some, they tell you that whoever is gonna check on whatever will call you back as soon as they get off the other line.

Three days and 10 or 12 phone calls later you FINALLY get to talk to the “whoever” about the “whatever” and they tell you they will do whatever it is that pertains to the situation and, lo and behold, THEY DON’T!

The best part is when they leave you hanging on a Friday. What is the world coming to when people can’t exhibit common decency and manners, and furthermore when a BUSINESS cannot conduct itself in the proper manner even when it concerns the health of a patient.

FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE RETURN A FRIGGIN PHONE CALL OR AT THE VERY LEAST DO WHAT YOU TELL ME YOU’RE GOING TO DO, AND IF YOU’RE NOT, PLEASE DO ME THE DECENCY OF TELLING ME “well actually Mrs. Bock, I’m not really in the mood to take care of that right now and I have every intention of blowing you off. Please let me direct you to someone who gives a damn.”

That was fun wasn’t it?  I love those brisk walks down memory lane.  And ranting.


This little gem was floating around in my ridiculous amount of Halloween photos.  As I was going through them to delete the ones that didn’t turn out or were multiples I hit delete on this one because it was an accident.  I meant to be just a tad further away from the subject.  Before I confirmed that I wanted to send it to it’s final resting place in my Recycle Bin, I looked again.

I was suddenly taken aback at how striking this was.

Not the quality of the photograph. I am NO photographer.

What struck me was what this image means to me.

Those lips promised me forever.

Those lips kiss me goodnight.  Every night.  And not just because the sign above the bed tells them to.

Those lips quivered with emotion inside the man who found out he was going to be a daddy for the first time.

That mouth dropped wide open in shock when he was told he had fathered another child so shortly after the first one.

Those lips whispered to the unborn babies inside my body.

That mouth kissed my belly when it was stretched with child.

Those lips made promises to a mother that she and her children would always be loved and taken care of.

Those lips whisper goodnight to each and every child each and every night.

Those lips kiss little bitty foreheads after the lights go out.

That mouth kisses mine without needing a reason.

Those lips have kissed my face when I’ve cried.

That mouth, those lips and that man mean everything to me.

And now

So does the picture.