Much To Say About Anything

Well, my blogging seems to have hit the back burner a bit these past few days. I’d love to say I’ve been crazy busy, but I really haven’t – I’ve just had nothing to say which, as my friends will say, is very unlike me.

I feel like my life is beyond boring at the moment… sure there are dramas here and there but nothing to write a full post about. For those of you who are interested, my week has consisted of the following things:

ASSIGNMENTS – It’s almost the end of my penultimate year of university, and the workload is steady and slow, but it requires so much more thought and organisation. This could be due to the fact that it’s all group work, and there are 5 more people to contend with other than myself.

    I don’t mind – these people are my good friends, but sometimes I wish I could get a degree on my own terms, just in case someone doesn’t pull their weight.

PLACEMENTS – Still struggling to find a decent placement nearby after my previous one kinda sacked me. I’ve written to over ten companies asking if they’ll take me for free and some have asked for my CV and then said no, and then others have just ignored me.

I don’t know what is worse – leading me on or just blatantly being a moron. I’ve applied for a huge company but it was advertised on a huge arts website, so I can imagine they’re a little snowed under with applications! My adult teaching job is not in danger, but it my be time for a change…

WEBSITES – I’m in the process of designing a website for somebody and it’s the first time I’ve really thought about the design, and spent a good few days thinking about them and what would suit them.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process, and even though the site has no content yet, I feel the layout is one of my best yet And they love it too!! Now I just need to find the time to revamp all the other websites to make them suit the clients more.

PLANNING – It’s been a good few months since me and my girl friends got together and had a good time so I’m trying to find things to do from going to the theater, to heading out for a nice meal.

Today it’s the 2 year “anniversary” of when we all met together for the first time, and since then we’ve normally done something every month but recently it’s taken a step back and I miss them…

And that was my week in a nutshell – see, nothing too hectic or manic going on. In fact over the weekend I’ve just been watching TV, reading books, taking my poorly cat to the vet, and sleeping – such a hard life, it really is. How has your weekend been??