Honest Answers About Life

Did you have an enemy or a bully when you were young?
Not really – I was teased in primary school but it was only childish taunts because I didn’t have the right make of shoes, or my pencil case was the wrong shape. In high school I tended to get on well with everyone – I had my own little circle, but I’d talk to anyone really.

If we had a falling out then the bullying used to start but the taunts targeted weight or complexion etc. But I never remember going home and crying about it. Then I dropped out of high school and got my HSE diploma through the GED test and now I even help writing tests to help other people.

What part of your day-to-day life requires the most patience from you?
Traveling to university – it’s a 40-minute train ride, and then 15 minutes in a taxi to the campus. Sometimes trains are late so I need to wait for them on the (cold/miserable) platform, other times the trains are delayed mid-journey so I have to busy myself until we get going again.

I time my trains so I get to campus with five minutes to get to my lecture, so often I don’t have the option of being delayed therefore being patient is quite hard in this situation.

What are your favorite winter activities?
Walking has to be one of them, especially with one of my best friends. He just listens so well when you’re talking and does the most ridiculous things like rolling down hills in the snow, or running away from dogs because he’s so scared of them.

Also, snuggling up on the sofa watching crap TV, and eating soup with lots of bread. When it’s cold outside, and you’re warm inside it’s just so relaxing. Summer is normally hectic and I can’t keep up!

What are two things that you’d rather be doing right now?
I want to be with one of my close friends right now because her mum is quite ill, and it’s all very up in the air. She lives in Scotland so it’s a 4 hour train journey, but if I could I would be there.

I’d also wish I would get on with one of my assignments but I keep getting distracted by old episodes of ER, and Twitter – I just know by Tuesday night, the day before hand in, I’m going to be rushed off my feet with it.

Would you rather: burp in public, fart in public, or have you fly open in public?
I’d rather have my fly open because this doesn’t require me to make an unpredictable noise. I mean, you never know what kind of sound a fart or burp could make, and whether you’re going to follow that with vomit or crap (oh dear lord!) so I’d rather have my fly undone because that can be sorted with one swift hand movement.

Let’s say you had to choose your career at the age of 10, what would your life career have been?
When I was 10… when I was 10… I think I had a variety of career paths I wanted to go down but the main one would have been a veterinary surgeon. Now I wouldn’t be able to handle it because an animal in pain makes me die a little inside – it’s like a human to me!

What are your plans for this coming week?
Get my assignment out of the way first, then I’m seeing Nine with my friend, and then I’m taking the rest of the week off to do nothing at all… because I can.

So it’s been just over a week since I last posted, and you want to know why? Because I started my job. You know the job where I thought I’d be tweeting all day? Yeah, got that a bit wrong, didn’t I?

In my first week I feel like I’ve learned about 10 gazillion things, and keep asking myself why they even employed me when a lot of the tasks have nothing to do with my experience.

And sometimes I feel as though they’ve read that I can use Photoshop which, in their eyes, means I can create award-worthy graphics in about 5 minutes. Not quite.

On Monday I spent half the day being given an overview of the company, and what I would be expected to do. Then I almost fell asleep (no joke) when being told how to use a content management system. Much like WordPress. Which I seem to be using well enough right this second. Then I spent the afternoon getting accustomed to using a Mac, which was from the early 90’s, and refused to work.

On Tuesday I got a laptop and, get this, a free goddamn iPhone. For work purposes. What!? Freebies! And on my laptop they installed the full Adobe suite which I nearly cried about – how much is that worth?! Amazing. I have to admit, the perks of this job are absolutely amazing and they can keep them coming.

Up until today I’ve been playing around on Facebook pages and places, trying to get them all organized. I still feel like a spare part, which is why I’m sat here writing this blog rather than working like a maniac… which everyone else seems to be doing.

I just can’t wait to have my own workload to get on with, and know that I don’t have enough hours in the day to do it. Sounds mad? But at least then I’m not counting down the hours until home time.

An hour and a half to go…