Trash TV pushes the raunchiness envelope

Have you noticed how TV’s standards for nudity and general raunchiness are being relaxed in the worst sorts of ways?

For instance, ads for the “Girls Gone Wild” videos show sexually explicit acts with computer-graphic “modesty” squares over the crucial spots—the promise being that your purchased copy will have the same scenes but without those annoying squares.

The commercials themselves are still fairly titillating, as the tiny modesty graphics provide about as much coverage as the trampiest of bikinis.

On the other hand, prime-time shows, even ones like “Desperate Housewives”—one of the most lecherous, dirty-old-man-friendly TV shows ever—cannot even show patched-over nude parts, let alone actual nudity (imagine the ratings if they could). Meanwhile, trash like GGW ads are pushing the outside of the envelope.

The result is a sad state of affairs on American TV: We have no equivalent of those racy, super-bawdy and reasonably intelligent British TV comedies such as “The Office” (a lot bawdier than its American imitation), “Footballers’ Wives,” or “Couplings”—not even an American Benny Hill, whose shows were always good for the occasional bare breast.

In other words, the prudes in this country keep mature raciness out of prime time while sleazeball companies are allowed to hawk exploitative softcore porn on after-hours TV (when the wives and children of the NASCAR dads, Promise Keepers, and Rush Limbaugh types are in bed).

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, where do I sign the petition to ban TV ads for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills, at least during prime time, for Christ’s sake! And speaking of Christ, why don’t all those self-righteous Christian groups complain about the assault on our delicate sensibilities posed by warnings about four-hour erections?

My daughter and I don’t need to hear that while I’m trying to watch an educational documentary. Hey, Dubya! Hey, Dr. Dobson! Why don’t you focus on families and put a stop to that? Oh, right. Because Big Pharma is a big donor to God’s Own Party.

And because, as that li’l devil Rush has shown, limp-pricked conservative sleazeballs are big-time buyers of boner pills. Despite all the above, I still hope my son will earn his GED diploma this year, and that TV shows will regain a little decency.


Some time ago, after I had already written the previous posting, as Ron Suskin appeared on “The Colbert Report” to discuss The One Percent Doctrine. As for the doctrine being a ploy devised by Cheney to justify invading Iraq, Suskin put it more succinctly (hey, it’s his book), paraphrased thus:

Declaring that a threat only had to have a one percent chance of happening in order for the government to respond was tantamount to doing away with all evidentiary requirements. In other words, Cheney and Bush dispensed with the very concept of evidence as a requirement for action.

I couldn’t have said it better!