Where to find the best deals on School Chairs

Why would you ever want to buy school chairs for anywhere but at school? If you are starting your own daycare facility you might and they are also an affordable choice for community centers, night schools and anywhere else lightweight, easy to move seating would be a bonus. You might even want to buy one for your kids’ bedroom to go with that desk. So where to find the best deals on School Chairs? That’s what this post is all about. See also this interesting video about Egonomics in School Chairs:

Where to Buy School Chairs

Most actual schools have their own classroom furniture supplier designated by their school districts. The private buyer though has to go looking for school chairs by themselves. Probably the best place to begin that search is online as there are a number of internet-only stores that offer some real bargains, especially if you are buying in bulk. Well, our children will be going back to school soon, so let’s take a closer look at some of the best deals:

ATD American School Chairs – This school supplies retailer has been in business since 1931 and does have a number of retail locations across the country but their website is open to the public and offers a number of reasonably priced design options for school chairs. Prices begin at $30 for the most basic heavy plastic stacking chair (the kind you see in high school gyms across the country) and then increase all the way up to $150 for the Zuma, a stylish student/teacher swivel chair with an interesting cut-out design. ATD American offers free shipping on all orders at various times of the year, which can save a great deal of money and might be well worth waiting for.

School Outfitters – At their website schooloutfitters.com this company offers heavily discounted school chairs that are still of the best quality. The majority of their basic sturdy plastic school chairs retail for under $25 each and get even cheaper if you are ordering in bulk. But, of course, there are more great webshops for discounted school supplies. Check it out here.

Costco – Everybody’s favorite discount warehouse dealers offer a good deal on school chairs as well. A 10 pack of stackable, colorful plastic school chairs – available in bright blue or red – retails for just $200. Check also if you have the proper chairs for your child in your house. In case you’re working from home and your kids will help you every now and again, make sure you’ve got the proper sets for hem as well!

Worthington Direct – Worthington Direct supply chairs school chairs to many of the nation’s school districts but their website makes those same deals available to the private buying public as well. One of the best things about this site – worthingtondirect.com – is the huge variety of choice that the customer has both in chair style and color. Their basic Virco 9000 series, a sturdy plastic stackable school chair – comes in ten different colors in total, including three shades of blue and a very striking purple option. At just $22.95 each if you are purchasing ten or more they represent a real bargain.

Wherever you shop for school chairs remember that their function is far more important than their form. Look for school chairs that are sturdy and rubber tips on the bottom of chair legs should be big to make sure all the flooring they might come in contact with is not damaged each and every time the school chairs are moved around.